Donald Trump W. and ‘the Russians’

By d’Antoni Saunders, author of The Nerve: Chaos and Control in Donald Trump’s America

With every failure by a Republican-led Congress to hold Donald Trump accountable, it becomes clear that this aggressive behavior toward the truth, the truth, the truth has gained Trump the presidency and that it is dangerous to our republic. Even though Eric Holder foretold the result at a 2016 Politico event, it never occurred to me that the laws could be broken in a way that allowed the United States to keep a crime undetected. So how did we get here?

How do you clean up the dirt of the election, of covering up possibly criminal behavior? You have to use a different approach. You have to look for different kinds of facts. It’s almost like with open government, you can’t just start looking for details that mean something and put them all out there at once. We need to carefully sift through all of the information with an eye toward specific facts. What was happening during and after the election? Did the Russians engage in hacking, against rules, against the DNC’s rules? Was that interference proven? Was it proven by court evidence?

This investigation has proven beyond a reasonable doubt that the FBI was subject to political pressure from within their own ranks, in collusion with the Republican Congress to suppress evidence of the involvement of Russians in their democracy. There was a broad conspiracy to release fabricated information to the media and to smear the character of a U.S. attorney. What did they have to hide? Did they seek out a special counsel to protect themselves? This is what the investigation has proven: the collusion by the FBI, the White House, the entire Republican Party to build a false narrative around Russia and make sure the election went in Donald Trump’s favor.

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