600 migrants found hidden in trailers at migrant processing centre

Policemen on a nearby farm saw the migrants, including members of family groups, climbing out of the trailers

Authorities in southern Mexico have found up to 600 migrants hidden in two trailers at a migrant processing centre after shooting dead a group of bandits carrying out a robbery, authorities said.

The migrants were found concealed in the trailers of the trailer port, which is one of four run by federal police near the southern port city of Veracruz.

After the migrants were found, police officers on a nearby farm saw members of a family group climb out of the trailers and some women giving birth to their fourth and fifth children, who authorities believe are related to them.

Authorities said they are still investigating whether the migrants are a Guatemalan family and human traffickers operating in Mexico are smuggling them from Guatemala to the US border.

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On Sunday, police seized some 10,000 pounds (4,000kg) of marijuana hidden in the concrete caverns and pillars of a plaza in the Veracruz central décaros district where the trailer port is located. The drugs were uncovered after police responding to a robbery spotted some people arriving at the plaza in rafts and vans and eventually captured more than a dozen people.

The migrants were in good condition, including four young girls, and while police found two guns and bullets in the caravan, there were no signs of serious injury or trauma.

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