10 tech gifts that will make your life better

Editor’s Note — For the second year in a row, CNN is doing a roundup of tech gifts that aren’t gadgets, as well as electronics gifts. CNET is the editorial partner of CNN.

Whether it’s the greatest electric toothbrush or a new way to pay for that important trip, technology adds a useful layer to almost every life. But those products aren’t the only things out there that can make your life better and more enjoyable.

During the Holiday season, retail outlets and giant online retailers have everything they can imagine, from housewares to clothes to $999 drones. And while we can’t guarantee that each item will be the right fit for you, there are at least a few products that we’d consider buying yourself.

Here are 10 tech gifts that will make your life better.

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A reusable, cooling microwave

Generally speaking, what people want from a microwave are low-friction, high-heat options. But when something cool is involved, we wonder how we’ll know they’re cool.

The Cooling Microwave uses four separate fans to circulate cool air without any countertop cabinet space.

The software behind the Cooling Microwave allows you to set how long the condensation time must last before it reverses direction and turns into gas.

The microwave, which was invented by a formerly homeless person, can be bought on Indiegogo for roughly $60.

Phones that know their owners’ faces

What sounds much cooler than a facial recognition phone? The Umang Face identification phone from Motorola does and it costs a whole lot less.

Not only will this smartphone be able to recognize your individual face, the phone will alert you via text, call or call directly with your true name.

It’s available on Indiegogo for roughly $80.

A pocketful of slime

Have you been trying to find the perfect slime for someone? We get it.

The box of Astro Curl include a small bowl, a small spool of silicone, a clear mat that slots into the bowl and a small resealable bag.

Over 60,000 flavors of curly, sticky slime can be purchased on Instacurr.

Chore-pleasing games

One of the nice things about holidays is all the possibilities of spending time with family. Get the family going by adding a little fun.

For example, Candy Castle lets kids compete to build a castle, for hours of great entertainment.

Chore-pickers with the Just Dance game can enter tune up stages and compete against other kids around the world.

The Game of Life 2, You Can Play was released at the end of September and is the sequel to the very popular Game of Life game, which lets families play out various personalties.

Remember that awkward period before you were a toddler where you thought everyone else looked terrific, but you seemed like a loser? Then you will when you watch this video on Slate.

3D printer add-ons

You have seen 3D printers, you know how cool they are, but did you think about other uses for 3D printers? You might not have thought of how you can find some of the awesome add-ons that 3D printing can give you.

3D printer add-ons include screens, cases and more.

An electric toothbrush with over 100 unique settings

And how about that electric toothbrush? It’s absolutely awesome. But it’s still not the best for most people.

Enter Skip-i, the electric toothbrush with over 100 unique settings that can go anywhere. This toothbrush can be placed anywhere in the mouth, including beneath your gums, while brushing.

The electric toothbrush has a 20-minute recharge time and is available on Indiegogo for roughly $90.

Gadgets that can help you speak Spanish and play trumpet

Do you love Cuban music? Do you spend a lot of time listening to Cuban music?

Gracias. This is all yours.

Catch-accurate earbuds are just one of the many new smart headphones on the market.

How about a set of gaming controllers?

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