What A Researcher & Producer Made a Truthful Novel

By: Stephanie Takyi, Editorial Director

April 15, 2021 | Witness what happens when a lab leak gets too close for comfort. A scientist, researcher, inventor and small business owner happen upon a stranger in a remote, damp lab while the building is being cleaned. The stranger develops a staph infection, and the person who got it has some fatal signs.

When the next lab leak happens, can the people trapped within it survive?

The Truth: “Good Night Mom” is a romance set inside the windowless confines of a small-town research lab and comes to life as an unforgettable page-turner of a book.

Featuring an intriguing script that veers between humorous and heartfelt, and a brilliant cast that includes an award-winning actress, a memorable comedian and an irresistible ingénue, the novel comes to life in a way that you won’t find in any other.

Essentially, the novel follows the lives of a few small-town science majors who find themselves working with monoculture breeds of genetically engineered super pigs (and, you guessed it, great therapy, lovemaking and macabre scientific experiments) to solve one of the most pressing scientific problems of the century — how to “rip out” or “rub out” human genes.

Indeed, real research into the genetic issues created by these “new” species of pigs was the impetus for this novel. Writer David Ponnuru and illustrator Meghan Corrigan dove deep into the genetic structures of real pig cells. When all the medical, environmental and humane issues were sorted, they were left with a mind-blowing novel about medicine, romance and even the value of decency and empathy.

Ponnuru believes as a nation, and even as a species, we need to reassess our notions about what makes a person—an idea that causes a rift in society. “Good Night Mom” is one of those rare attempts to grab at that truth and hold onto it.

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