Three ways to build your career, according to ‘Work Hard, Eat Right, Laugh More,’ author Jim McDonald

Jim McDonald, author of 2014’s career-coaching bible, “Work Hard, Eat Right, Laugh More,” offers three different strategies for people to build their careers. Here they are:

Optimize for the future

McDonald points out that there is an underlying reason behind Americans’ lackluster career-improvement behavior: we tend to focus on now. But we can optimize for the future, what he calls “the realm of the visible.” It involves using your precious time every day to make the most of your talents, passions and skills, and to plan and behave to become the best employee you can be.

Accept yourself

McDonald believes that people are entirely self-aware. They know what they’re good at and what they’re not. But many people remain unhappy and lack self-confidence because they don’t know what else they can become. “Becoming a unique individual isn’t just about being a good employee or looking good in a suit,” he says. “It’s about being able to communicate as you see the world.”

Adopt New Skills

So if you can’t get better at networking, you shouldn’t even bother. McDonald says that by figuring out how to meet new people and make a positive impression, you can build new skills that may add value to your career and your life. Even taking up something like tennis could improve your focus and focus skills, and build your strategic thinking skills.

Stay curious and outside the box

According to McDonald, the secret to lifelong happiness and success is a desire to learn, to be curious, to expand your sense of knowledge, and to make connections and exchange ideas with others. And yes, this advice has to be delivered in a business-focused context.

“Let’s start with the boundaries between work and life,” McDonald tells HuffPost editors. “It’s tempting to compartmentalize work and life. But, if you pull that all back and look at life as a continuum, you realize how much overlap there is.” McDonald is an expert on people and organizations working together toward successful outcomes. His strategies have led to breakthroughs in diverse areas like psychotherapy, military intelligence, athletics, vocational education, forensic science, social work, and police management.

From his new book, “Finally Happy,” on March 27, McDonald explains a “big picture” approach to building a lifetime of professional growth. He also identifies the “big four” key areas that every employee must focus on. They are: aspiration, contribution, effort and relationship.

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