This is what the press office’s reaching for every day at the VP’s Delaware vacation home

I spent a good amount of the day playing whack-a-mole with an increasingly frantic campaign press office at the vice president’s vacation house, where outgoing spokesman Nick Merrill tweeted and deleted a tweet about everything from ties to President Trump, to the first family’s summer residences in Camp David and Delaware’s Grayslake.

The president, of course, issued a tweet at Merrill’s sister on Thursday about a joke the press secretary had made earlier that morning to the benefit of Hillary Clinton. A tweet from Merrill’s account had been deleted shortly after it went up, since it had been swiftly deemed a “joke of a kind” that “Merrill’s sister made about Secretary Clinton…”

Another Merrill tweet today defending the need for a “news event” — perhaps the copy-writing of the Biden bill — to “validate” the administration’s decision to release the email addresses for White House tours.

And this one, retweeted and liked by the White House — an email to Biden’s staff offering to provide a copy of the bill to the front office.

Good for you, Mike Pence!

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