The 12 things people are looking for on resumes

We all know by now that on Thanksgiving, many Americans take a short break from the normal grind of activities, long-held traditions and blissful anonymity. According to NBC, more than 150 million Americans will take a Thanksgiving break this year. For many of these Americans, it can mean visiting a college campus. But not every college welcomes students from home.

Frank Beckmann, the president of Texas A&M University, recently told CNN, “We find that kind of stress is very undesirable. We think of it as an extension of high school.”

Based on data from CareerBuilder, 7 percent of employers will check for applicants at college campuses this year, and nearly two-thirds (63 percent) said they’ll be happy to see applicants there. But if you’re applying for a job at a college, make sure it’s one of the ones that welcomes your return.

Learning Vocabulary: Pre-College;

– 11 percent of employers will take this as an important step in the hiring process

– 21 percent of employers will find a candidate who can communicate effectively via a college campus

– 4 percent of employers will look for a candidate who has been in the workplace for some time

– 32 percent of employers will take a candidate’s general knowledge as a priority in the hiring process

– 25 percent of employers will view a candidate’s work ethic as an important criteria in the hiring process

On May 4, CareerBuilder surveyed 2,204 hiring managers and human resource professionals from across industries and education backgrounds. Most important characteristics to a perfect applicant included a clear curriculum vitae (17 percent); the ability to write a convincing email (17 percent); and an internet presence (16 percent). However, a candidate’s emotional intelligence and communication skills (16 percent each) should rank high on your resume.

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