Thanksgiving travel: Tips on where to go, where to stay

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(CNN) — It’s another year, so one already starts to fret about the exact date, if any, of the thirteenth Thanksgiving.

And it is often difficult to follow the myriad different estimates (and how the date somehow cements) so we decided to find out for ourselves, because who doesn’t love adding to the level of anticipation?

Travelers can expect the stretch of 72nd Street between 5th Avenue and 7th Avenue to be busy after dark as thousands wait to board their trains home for the long weekend ahead.

Yikes! How many tourists are travelling to New York for Thanksgiving? One in nine Americans travel to see friends and family for the Thanksgiving holiday, according to the American Automobile Association.

By Wednesday morning, locals and travelers appeared to be boarding trains in droves, with crowded train cars — and a few disturbances — mingling with well-behaved and prompt subway passengers making their way to work.

Travelers from Long Island should be prepared for crowds, since lots of people are making the commute.

MTA employees were out in force to ensure everything was running smoothly.

Are planes a viable option?

You can also fly (sometimes), but probably not to avoid the crowds. Passengers flying over the Thanksgiving period are far less likely to face delays than other times.

Airlines have released some advice on airline travel over the holidays.

(For more info, check out advice from the airlines, or sign up for the TSA’s Passenger Precheck.)

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