Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves to reunite on-screen next month at ‘Trouble With the Curve’ premiere

Sandra Bullock is apparently trying hard to make this a thing.

The actress is expected to reunite with former “Speed” and “Collateral” star Keanu Reeves next month at the “Trouble With the Curve” L.A. premiere in Los Angeles, as first reported by Deadline, Variety and other outlets.

Reeves, of course, played Bullock’s love interest in 2009’s “Speed,” a “bloody chase across the American Southwest” thriller that ended on one of the most memorable trains rolls in cinema history.

Perhaps to capitalize on his association with the sequel, the outlet reports that Reeves and Bullock will appear together in next month’s Los Angeles premiere of “The Limit,” a thriller starring Reeves and Melissa Leo that is due out later this year.

Beyond that, though, not much is known.

Marking the debut of Bullock as a movie star, “Speed” was based on an idea by Reeves in the mid-2000s, a period of interest in the central character of a cop played by Ryan Reynolds (whom he then worked with in “Zodiac” the following year). The movie, released in the same year as “Twilight,” did better than most expected at the box office ($154 million worldwide) and was nominated for three Academy Awards.

“Collateral” was the follow-up to “Speed,” released 10 years earlier, and also starred Bullock as a grieving, Boston-based and played by a male actor’s motor-mouthed lesbian love interest. The film was a hit ($80 million) and earned six Academy Award nominations.

But those are the only movies in which Reeves and Bullock have appeared together in a major studio film.

For all we know, this is happening for the sake of nostalgia, the chance to not have to watch an animated Grandpa and Grandma on their shared video call, or simply because of the impressive way Reeves rounded out his acting chops in these thrillers.

In the meantime, it’s time to celebrate the memory of the famous train scene — it’s part of the film’s best remembered scene, which is just silly in the best way.

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