“Nasty American” Author: Nasty Central American Immigration Policy Takes A Bite Out Of Employment For Immigrants

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The battle in El Salvador over large-scale farmworker protections is heating up. One of the biggest targets has been a coalition of independent labor organizations. The groups have been spreading reports that murder, extortion and other violence are rising under the current anti-business and government authorities.

Host Michel Lincoln recommends the book Nasty American, the Terrorist Invasion of Central America & the U.S. as an informed, engrossing read; Johanna C. Hirschfeld of Alternet’s Mexico Watch Group highlights the failure of Donald Trump to share in America’s moral leadership with El Salvador’s leaders, while Pamela Geller’s Pam’s House Blend shares her thoughts on the need for true border wall security.

Author and longtime confidante of Bill Clinton, Mark Updegrove, joins the show to discuss The War of 1812: A Classic American History, the new movie playing now at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History. Updegrove’s co-author on the new book and historian, Raymond Arsenault joins the show for their thoughts on the new movie and the wisdom of bringing the War of 1812 back into the forefront.

Host Michel Lincoln also features author, Rick Perlstein in a conversation on 9/11, Donald Trump and the corrupting influence of Murdoch in America and his new book, The Forgotten Man: FDR, the Great Depression, and the National Recovery.


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