Marie Harf on Taliban Ban on Female TV Stars: Just Desperate Behavior By Afghans

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A Taliban media directive issued Tuesday bans female television actors and entertainers from wearing makeup and broadcasts violent scenes.

Ahmed Wali Karzai, the president’s cousin and brother of the Islamist leader of Afghanistan, issued the edict to prevent local productions of Western television shows which can be viewed by females in different provinces.

This comes as the U.S. sends aid to Afghanistan and media outlets like New York Times teach their staff to cover the Taliban.

Fox News analyst Marie Harf discussed with moderator Martin Bashir her reaction to this as well as her concerns for the future of Afghanistan and the campaign for the release of American journalists Alice Fordham and Luke Somers.

Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano spoke to Martin Bashir about his one-on-one interview with Donald Trump. Bashir asked how the president would rule on a case like Peter Cudahy, an Illinois dairy owner who was arrested in Slovenia and charged with having sex with a 17-year-old girl in 2016.

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