Man leaves trail of gun residue at Atlanta airport after airport security screener strikes him

A 45-year-old Texas man escaped from an Amtrak security checkpoint at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport on Sunday, after a gun he was carrying discharged.

Jason Christopher Pullen of Conroe, TX, is still at large, but police say they may now have located his roommate, who was behind the wheel of the U-Haul truck Pullen was in when police say he fled the terminal.

Authorities have not named the roommate, but have identified his car as an older model 2008 Chrysler van with sticker “Chemicals, Finishes & Construction Supply” on the hood.

ABC11 reported Pullen left a trail of gun residue at the scene of the confrontation with an FBI Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officer. A second TSA agent, who confronted Pullen as he boarded a train, fired a round in self-defense.

Pullen has now left the airport, but police say he’s being sought by police in Montgomery County.

Police have also issued an endangered person advisory for a John Deere tractor Pullen was driving. This tractor, which Pullen is believed to be traveling in, has the license plate number: PNR 3687.

TSA claimed Pullen was not armed at the time he was taken into custody and issued a mandatory 20-day ban on carrying firearms on airplanes.

The shooting comes two months after three shots were fired inside Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport’s Terminal B; a man who fired the shots later told police he’d been upset about his treatment by the TSA.

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