Malaysian teens get to spend a day with each other in India

The summer news cycle has been unrelentingly sad. Unfortunately, none of it was as sad and as heartwarming as what happened to three Malaysian teens in India.

During a trip to a state in the country, 18-year-old Clara Fan and 18-year-old Lan Fang Ling proposed to each other. No, the couple did not tie the knot. But they got to spend 24 hours with each other, through a stunning video of their first time meeting, to be photographed together, to enjoy a romantic dinner, and to kiss on a bridge. All of this got filmed by the locals and posted on YouTube. The first-time glimpse of something magical, this global one-of-a-kind moment, totally blew the internet away.

“The video has resonated with millions of people,” Vandana Agrawal, a Vimeo user who set up the video project, told The Times of India. “It made me feel a lot of good feelings.”

Fan and Ling are on a government scholarship that allows them to travel around India. The two planned the trip months in advance, which makes the epic flight back to their home country all the more incredible.

Read the full story at The Times of India.


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