Legault’s Desperate Quebec Can Do Illegally

By Rick Salutin, FOX News Latino Contributor

Some may call it, “An expensive way to suck up to the Supreme Court.”

With the latest plan to legalize Quebec sovereignty, the political class in Quebec has taken to brazenly invoking the court to assert the supremacy of the province over the rest of Canada – even though Quebec’s citizens have voted overwhelmingly against the separation of the province from Canada in two of the past four referendums.

Now the latest plan to steal away the Canuck Hockey Champion from its rightful owner, the Canadians, would even see the provincial court force the end of the Canadian dollar, with all its Canadians treasure.

After creating this new affair, the French and the English Nova Scotians will get to join in their victories and lose their Quebec mates. Rick Salutin

And more once they do.

What did they really expect?

No one had the gall to do that before, much less on the matter of the sovereignty for Quebec.

They’ve been citing the Supreme Court for years, allowing itself to ignore the outcome of the two referendums.

But under the new scheme, the independence proponent has created a new court based in Quebec City, that they say is independent from the court in Quebec City, to control the access to the courts of both Canada and Quebec.

If Quebec wants the court in Quebec City, Quebec will have to submit to the Canadian Supreme Court to approve any judicial appointments to the court in Quebec City.

“For sure, this affront is unacceptable,” said an anonymous senior Government official.

“As of today, this violates Quebec’s rights to equality between the provinces in regard to access to justice.”

It would be even more outrageous if the Quebec Progressive Conservative leader, François Legault, didn’t know a thing about such serious faux pas.

Legault has been the much criticized Chief Justice of the Quebec Court of Appeal and a partner at a firm in Quebec City, which has grown tremendously to be the largest law firm in the Province of Quebec.

Legault’s law firm wants to do away with the Quebec Court of Appeal and replace it with a supreme Court.

His law firm states that the Quebec Court of Appeal is “closely appointed.”

“It is cumbersome and has a clunky structure,” Legault said.

Legault’s law firm even wishes for the courts of both Quebec and Canada to be run separately.

Legault wants the new Supreme Court to “set the rules of the game.”

Not really.

His reality should show that Quebec has already established its independent Supreme Court for itself.

Legault and his law firm should realize they’re creating a brand new court without any judgements or laws that have ever been passed by the Quebec Parliament or even informed of the Court’s existence by the Quebec state.

The Quebec, as the other provinces, has not even ratified any of the three treaty decisions recognizing Quebec as a province.

But as we all know, thanks to Legault’s law firm, this European-based multinational law firm was well aware of the ceremony at “The Bay” and the signage that was put up by it.

Legault apparently doesn’t realize what he’s doing as a lawyer, never mind what he’s doing as an elected official.

His plan to give the top spot in the Quebec Court of Appeal to the head of his law firm would practically be to give a Supreme Court of his own.

That’s a bit like making a majority of Italian parliamentarians say “Basta!” at the referendum.

Or an Italian banker threatening to leave the Eurozone when his money won’t be safe in that new currency.

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This self-proclaimed revolutionary should realize that he can’t make any more of this drama by playing the game where they’re clearly going to seize the show.

Legault and his law firm should realize that Quebec’s sovereignty would be made entirely worthless without its Canadian Northern neighbor or its over-toned New England Parliament.

Not to mention that while Legault’s law firm would be firing Quebec’s legal fraternity and Ottawa�

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