Hello, infinity pool! A giant Russian pool hits the Kremlin

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If you’ve ever fantasized about plummeting underwater — and we know you have — a new infinity pool has officially hit the market.

The Futura 360 Pool by Mercedes-Benz launched in the Kremlin in Moscow, Russia , on November 15, billed as the world’s largest underwater public infinity pool.

Developed by Russian luxury goods company Kukien, the pool occupies a section of a research submarine currently being tested in the Kremlin, designed by Dutch architecture firm Vida n Pedi

Visitors can look out over the walls of the vessel, which at 29 meters is small by ocean standards. The Verta 360 Pool is 178 meters wide and 29 meters deep. The pool is comprised of glass acrylic panels that extend from the protective seams around the hull.

Modelled after glass domes atop pristine palaces, the infinity pool design is meant to embody the idea of transcendence

At night, a concert will be staged beneath the glass.

“The extremely high quality of the glass in the pool reflects a gigantic reduction of light and we can see the entire planet,” explained Olga Kukien, CEO of Kukien in a statement.

“It gives us the sensation of floating in the sky and takes you into a mystical realm of timeless emptiness.”

The pool is the most recent luxury development at the Kremlin, which hosts “meetings, ceremonies, celebrations, special events and (sports tournaments) on the highest levels,” according to the Kukien website.

In recent years, the site has been occupied by luxury developments including a lounge for gourmet dining, a private concert hall, and a Russian blue spa named after the compound’s distinctive green-colored leaf.

A formal opening ceremony will take place on December 15 in the dome area, which will also be the site of the first concert under the glass.

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