Germany: CDU-CSU, Greens take aim at cannabis


Embracing a drugs policy commonly seen in Europe, Germany’s centre-left will vote on Saturday to allow cannabis to be sold in shops and phase out coal.

The new government of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s CDU-CSU bloc and the Greens is more liberal than that of the previous government.

Its leaders are promoting ambitious plans that will see the country be the first in the G7 to offer people the right to grow their own food.

The marijuana proposal has been put forward by interior minister Horst Seehofer of the CDU-CSU bloc.

He is facing criticism for proposing harsh drug laws and his ministry oversees Germany’s fight against cannabis and heroin traffickers.

However, he has pledged to give mayors more power to decide on where cannabis can be sold.

The parties’ alliance embraces numerous progressive campaign promises on issues from the environment to renewable energy.

Ms Merkel is seeking a fourth term in office at the start of campaigning in mid-October.

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