Emily Ratajkowski is thinking about getting into the Instagram ‘fight club’

Emily Ratajkowski, model and actress, not long ago posted a photo of herself in a britches bikini on Instagram, after which she received a ton of criticism over her post-baby body. “Literally every single person that commented said they hate my arms,” she told Porter magazine. “They did not like the shape of my arms. I am a mom, and my body had allowed me to do this post-baby shoot and go out, but it’s just that they were offensive.” Ratajkowski said she would love to see more people post photos of their bodies and “be OK, you know, just being supported and normal.” In the same Porter interview, Ratajkowski is quoted saying she “almost didn’t post this photo,” because “I was so obsessed with why are people always wanting to criticize? Why is this still such a major conversation?”

About the form-fitting underwear in her photo, Ratajkowski says, “I’m worried about my posteriors and self-esteem. I don’t need people to say, ‘Are you with child?’ because I already know, I’m glad I answered that.”

Read the full story at Marie Claire.


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