‘Do Something Big’: Oscar-Winning Director on Creating No. 1 Drama Show in History

The former “Elementary” makeup artist who created iconic “Euphoria” photos exclusively for Fox News told Mike Emanuel and Lauren Blumenfeld on ‘America’s Newsroom’ how the story’s creators are working to build on the season one success.

Director Miguel Sapochnik, a co-creator of “Euphoria,” explained he has co-written the story with special effects genius Bill DeMeo.

“We wanted this to be a brave story,” Sapochnik said. “We wanted a big, two-pronged tale of love and destruction, and whether it was me on stage or anyone else on stage… we wanted to do something big and emotional and something that showed our audience that the world hasn’t been turned upside down yet.”

‘We All have Visions’: ‘Beyond Scandal’ Continues to Take Viewers Behind the Scenes

The story follows A.J. ‘Sweets’ Bannon, a struggling photographer who is attempting to protect his husband, Joe, who is fighting for his job in the pharmaceutical industry.

Jonny, Sweets’ best friend, believes A.J. is a victim of the pharma industry and one who should let Joe go as a form of punishment.

But Sweets wants his best friend to find a way to let Joe go on so he can stay. The storyline sparked outrage online over Sweets’ portrayal, though Sapochnik clarified that his character was just pushing to stay on the show.

The mother of the New York Yankees great Derek Jeter said Wednesday on Fox News that A.J. was nothing more than a brooding artist, and she understands why many people condemned the portrayal.

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