Biden On ENCOURAGING White Supremacists, Ray Kest Verdict, ‘Ashamed For Being American’

Excerpts from Sen. Joe Biden’s remarks following the not guilty verdict in the Ray Kest case made me “ashamed for being American.” The comments are excerpted from my remarks on Fox Nation’s The Biden Radio Show.

“He’s a candidate for public office, this is a guy who’s been endorsed by the gun lobby, and once again their silence was deafening. The silence was deafening, or you can conclude it was deafening…

I’m a little bit ashamed for being American, frankly, and I will not keep quiet about it. That’s what happens when you mix politics with a million bullet holes in a bloody body—nobody says anything.

I don’t know why you’d be surprised by this. I think that a Republican, Republican, Republican state law enforcement, police commissioner and police chief have put all kinds of cases on hold because they don’t want to upset the NRA right before the election. They don’t want to put police officers at risk, they don’t want to stop criminals.

I feel like a little of that now I’m talking about it, but I am ashamed for being American, frankly, and I don’t know why you’d be surprised by it. And I will not keep quiet about it, because if this isn’t what you signed up for then you need to go back and you need to start understanding what you signed up for. Because you have an obligation to defend us here in America and, you know, this guy was just charged with several counts of attempted murder, he’s facing 1,000 years in prison, now he’s going to be out as early as 15 — or 18 years, or whatever it was for killing someone. I don’t have a problem getting 1,000 years in prison for that. I will not keep quiet about it.”

“And yes, if you had walked in the room, these same people in that room, if you had, on a normal Tuesday, you had walked in the room, if you had carried a gun, either legally or illegally, as someone who was quite obviously politically outspoken in an editorial board meeting—if you had walked in the room and said that Eric Garner died because of stops and frisks — if you had walked in the room and said that Fred Hampton was murdered in a raid on a church—that’s the kind of thing you could get away with.”

Listen to a 5-minute excerpt from this program below:

“… and every single time—as someone who spent over two decades as a prosecutor—if you sat down with the police and said, ‘I want you to send me two hundred gun cases,’ you’d go through that list and there’d be seventeen or eighteen criminals listed on there and a hundred names of victims, nine hundred names of victims. And you had to balance it. And you had to decide what was the proper punishment based on the crime and the crime—

“And I’m going to tell you there’s no easy way to do this. But if you’re looking at the society that we have right now—an unforgiving society with just more and more suffering, and you’re looking at whether or not you want to send a message that in this country, which is at the bottom half of every global index, this is the way we treat people. And I will not keep quiet about it.

“… I’m done talking about this.”

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